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The Vision

Animation Uprising is a games technology developer primarily focused on interactive animation. I believe that animation has been left behind its rendering and AI cousins. Gorgeous graphics are too often undermined by poor interactive animation and I intend to help rectify that disparity through our animation technology. It is time for the Animation Uprising to begin.

Spaceship on Alien Planet

The Past

Animation Uprising was birthed from the rubble of the Australian game development industry, in the back of a garage and in the throws of un-employment. A passion and drive for AAA animation technology led to the development of 'Motion Matching for Unity' (MxM), a plugin which brought cutting edge animation synthesis to the widely popular and accessible Unity game engine.

The success of 'Motion Matching for Unity' led to further plugin projects in procedural animation, such as Strider which was developed for both Unity and Unreal Engine. 

In February 2020 Animation Uprising was awarded an 'Epic Games Mega Grant' to fund the development of 'Motion Symphony', a suite of pose, distance and motion matching animation tools for Unreal Engine 4.

The Present

Along with the continued support and development of existing products, I am continuing development on 'Motion Symphony' and I seek to make waves with it's upcoming release. 

This suite of tools is truly ground breaking and designed to change the landscape of animation development in Unreal Engine for the better.

Spaceship on Alien Planet

The Future

I am a games developers at heart and game development is and has always been my end goal. In the future, when the time is right, I plan to use the technology I have developed to make my own games and start a new uprising.

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