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Motion Symphony

Motion Matching for Unreal Engine 4


Motion Matching

Motion matching is the flagship technology of 'Motion Symphony'. It manifests in Unreal Engine 4 as a single animation node which has the power to take care of character locomotion on it's own with dynamic starts, stops, plants turns and sequences impossible to create with a standard state machine.

This feature is built upon the knowledge and experience gained from developing Motion Matching for Unity and then pushed further still to be more optimized and dynamic with ever before. 

This implementation of motion matching can match seamlessly from other states thanks to an external pose recorder making it much more flexible than ever before. 

Distance Matching

Distance matching is a technique where root motion is used in reverse to instead conform animation to game-play movement. This can be extremely useful as realistic movements can sometimes be too slow for gameplay. It also reduces animation rework. Essentially each time a transition is triggered (start, stop etc.), distance matching will match the animation time based on the distance to transition point ensuring that the feet don't slide and the animation moves in sync with the capsule movement.

While distance matching comes standalone with Motion Symphony, it is also combined and built into pose matching and motion matching nodes to get the best of all worlds.

Game Face

Pose Matching

Pose matching is a very simple yet powerful technique that ensures minimal blend time between state transitions. Instead of trying to sync animations arbitrarily with sync markers, 'pose matching' nodes automatically match the animation to the previous pose.

Motion Matching contains several pose matching nodes which build on this idea including matching poses from multiple animations and also matching multiple animations with transition directions.

Key Features

Motion Matching

The flagship technology of Motion Symphony. High fidelity and complex animation synthesis with relatively minimal setup. Good bye over-complicated state machines!

Pose Matching

Whether you just want a smooth transition or for the node to pick the correct animation for you, pose matching has you covered. Good bye sync markers!

Distance Matching

Want your animations to conform to your controller and not the other way around? Distance matching is your tool of choice, matching animations to your gameplay movement.

Optimised for Production

Animation Uprising is dedicated to optimization. written entirely in C++, Motion Symphony utilizes use multi-threading, bespoke pose search optimizations and more to ensure production ready performance.

Inter-State Matching

Motion Symphony nodes do not work in isolation. They effortlessly match between each other during state transitions even when matching from procedural animation like ragdol.

Gameplay Tags

Motion matching features a fully fleshed out tagging system to enable game-play customization and utility.

Strider Integration

Motion Symphony is designed to work seamlessly with Strider to assist with procedural adjustment and animation coverage.

Source Access

Motion Symphony ships with complete source code for peace of mind. Additionally verified users can get access to a github repository for cloning and pull requests.

This channel is coming soon!
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