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Animation Uprising currently has three released animation plugins for both Unity and Unreal Engine which continue to be supported and updated well after release. Additionally you will find information on the latest major project from Animation Uprising, Motion Symphony. Each plugin is designed and  crafted to be innovative, high quality and production ready with solid documentation, quality video tutorials and ongoing support.

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Strider (UE4)

August, 2020

Strider is a suite of procedural animation tools for Unreal Engine 4. Each animation node modifies the pose or stride of the character to create dynamic poses that conform to gameplay metrics. There are 5 nodes available with the plugin including; 'Stride', 'Orientation', 'Slope', 'Bank' and 'Acceleration' warping nodes. By combining the power of these nodes, just a few animation sequences can fill out most of your character locomotion needs.

Motion Symphony

TBA 2021

After the success of 'Motion Matching for Unity', I began work on porting the technology to Unreal Engine 4. Now with the official support of Epic Games through a 'Mega Grant', Motion Symphony is much more than just motion matching. While still in development it boasts an advanced and robust suite of animation tools that will take your animation blueprints to a AAA level with relative ease.

Motion Matching for Unity

January, 2019

Ever wondered how modern game characters have such complex and realistic interactive animation with starts, stops, plants and fluid motion. Chances are they are using the technique known as Motion Matching. MxM is a plugin for Unity game engine which brings Motion Matching to the masses. This was the first major project to come out of 'Animation Uprising'. It is still actively supported and receiving regular updates.

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